Juju Be Gone Kit


Essential box of juju-banishing and energy-moving tools to help someone get through just about any situation by kicking bad vibes to the curb. 

The smoke cleansing and clearing tools are meant to teach you how to use these sacred rituals in your every day life. Cleanse the air around you with nature's most amazing herbs and wood. These tools are will leave your space smelling naturally beautiful and full of new energy! Use the Selenite crystal to balance energy, decrease the effects of electromagnetic stress, and allow more magic into your life! Clear the energetic field around you and bring on the good vibes.

Each box comes with:

// 7.5 oz Glendora candle
// A bundle of sage, Palo Santo, a Selenite crystal and a feather 
// Custom glass match bottle with inspired message
// A chic tray to use for the sage and Palo Santo, or just for your knick-knacks
// A cute Juju box for keep sake
// Cards where we explain how to use these tools to bring in calm, peace, and positivity

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