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Native Flower Company Team

Meet the team behind the blooms! Following are the incredible people that make the magic happen (in alphabetical order after our fearless leader Pamela Olson).

Founder & Owner

Pamela Olson

Pamela Olson founded Native in 2012. Prior to opening this location, Pamela was an owner of TriFecTa Design, Inc. With her talented team, she strives to provide gorgeous flowers and unique shopping experience for neighbors and fans.


Anne Andrew

Anne joined Native for Mother's Day 2021 and quickly became a regular staffer. She learned design from her talented mother, who took her under her wing. "I observed her techniques as she created beautiful arrangements."

Anne has always been drawn to the outdoors and appreciated beauty around her, "so working around the sight and smell of flowers is the perfect place for me!" During the winter months, she works at Alta Ski resort, nestled at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Growing up in SLC, Anne attended the University of Utah and graduated in music. After marrying, she, her husband and children lived in Washington, Oregon, and Southern California before returning to the hive.

"I'm grateful to be a wife, mother of four wonderful children, and a brand new grandmother! I have enjoyed raising my family and working a little on the side teaching piano, and working at an elementary school." In Anne's spare time, she loves to play the piano, ski, hike and gather with family and friends.

To Native, Anne brings a fabulous laugh, a constant curiosity about design, and a real kindness. She is always thinking of someone who might need cheering up with flowers so in essence, she is the embodiment of our mission.

Lindsey Brown

We are happy to introduce Lindsey, who many of you have met or chatted with on the phone at our Sugar House location. She has been our manager there since Fall 2022. If you only know one thing about Lindsey, it’s that she LOVES plants. “I am a proud plant mom to 117 plants of many varieties, including succulents, 2 huge monsteras, and a lovely bonsai avocado tree!” she says. “In my time off, I love making terrariums of all shapes and sizes.” She has other creative hobbies, including embroidery and listening to true-crime podcasts. “I am lucky to get to spend most of my time at our Sugar House store. I love interacting with our customers, answering plant questions and learning about the beautiful flowers we get to work with! I love working with such fun and talented people!” Next time you pop into our corner shop, say HELLO!

We appreciate you@lindseybrown710! 🪴

The Den Mother

Maile Durst

Everyone meet Maile, or as she is fondly known, The Den Mother, spontaneously arriving with cakes, bagels or some other delicious treat for the whole crew. She was first a customer, then a friend, then a valued member of the team. Maile has a hands on approach to any task that comes her way, she is always eager to help her fellow workers, and is organized while still being flexible. Her favorite flower is a rose; she likes them because they are simple, classic and elegant. Maile enjoys golfing, skiing, fishing, biking, and spending time with her family, which includes her charming dog Jack@big.bark.big.heartwho is a basset hound Newfoundland mix. We’re so happy you are a member of the team@mnallan!

Floral Designer

Annie Harris

Meet Annie, a designer who we welcomed to Native last fall, excited to put her four years' experience as a floral designer to good use! Annie has always been drawn to design and textures in nature, so much so that she has over 13 floral-inspired tattoos (not shown here but believe us, they are beautiful!). Her favorite flower is hellebore. For her work, Annie takes cues from the changing seasons and natural world, and she loves Utah for its mountains and snowy winters. In her spare time, she enjoys birding—especially seeing her favorite bird, the great blue heron. She also likes reading mystery novels and has a passion for Scandinavian baking. Annie grew up in Washington State and currently lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, their dog Ari, and cat Ada.

We are so happy to have Annie on our crew!


McKenzie Paulos

(@kenzie_paulos) has been with Native for more than two years and we couldn't be happier. She is a master of playful lines and has a keen use of textures and materials. We are lucky to have her talents on the team and to be able to share them with our customers.

A floral designer for six years, McKenzie is inspired by color, nature and animals. "I'm an outdoorsy-kinda gal who enjoys hiking and running. One of my favorite places to be is at Disneyland or at a California beach with a sprinkles cupcake in each hand."

While McKenzie says she "loves working at the best flower shop in town," we all love that she gets to bring her sweet one-year-old baby, Lily, as her "little flower girl sidekick." Everyone is Lily's best best friend and McKenzie gets to work AND be the best mom she can be. "I also love seeing all the neighborhood doggies as they walk by and visit the shop." Her favorite flowers are poppies, ranunculus and all the local farm flowers.

Floral Designer

Allie Serr

Allie has been a professional floral designer for more than a decade, producing beautiful arrangements for Native Flower Company since day one. She is a mom of two crazy kids who are fun, sweet and adorable. Allie loves her husband and kids the most, but coming in a close second is (drumroll, please…) Disney! She MUST go to a Disney park at least once a year or she starts to go crazy! Allie also enjoys dancing, reading, baking, and thrifting fun clothes. She is currently taking ukulele lessons and can't wait till she's good enough to play and sing at the same time. She loves working with flowers and cool people. Allie's favorite flower changes every season, the current crush being purple anemones. 

Shop Assistant

Sophie Stewart

Sophie Stewart has been a part of the Native family since her freshman year of high school, making her a youth veteran! “I have seen the company grow as I have grown and I have loved spending my high school years in the Native community.” Sophie is always up for any task and her skills have flourished from shop assistant to managing event setups and design. Now a sophomore at the University of Utah, Sophie is studying Criminology. “I love the outdoors and regularly go hiking and exploring in nature,” especially in the Wasatch Mountains near Alta. “I also love hanging out with friends, reading and listening to crime podcasts!” We love having Sophie on our Native team!

Floral Designer


Meet Erin! She was co-owner of local Sugar House brick & mortar store Piper's Quilts & Comforts for 15 years, and now runs it online as Piper's Girls, a quilting & knitting pattern design studio. She came to Native seeking a job that would get her out of the house. "I was working at home for the most part, and was interested in something creative where I could learn new skills, and was hoping for some co-worker comraderie. Working at Native has filled all of those desires perfectly!" Erin loves anything to do with design, color and being creative and has brought her eye to floral design. "My most important job is mom of two kids and 2 dogs, and I want to be outdoors, hiking, biking or camping with my family as much as I can." We love having Erin on the team. She's a keen observer of human nature and always has a good story to tell or a fun tip about virtually anything. ❤️