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Flowers on the Fly: Weekend Retreat Aug. 27th-28th

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Join us for the First Annual, one-of-a-kind workshop combining three passions: floral design, fly-fishing and food. This exclusive weekend is open to 15 guests only. 

Details: August 27-28

Location: Tifie Ranch, Morgan, UT

Time: 9 a.m. on 27th through noon departure on 28th


On the secluded Tifie Ranch, nestled in a quiet Utah Canyon, guests will have a full day of floral design, chef-prepared camp cuisine and a fly-casting lesson from a USA fly-casting champion, Audrey Wilson. Pamela Olson, owner of Native Flower Company, will lead guests in floral design demonstrations and hands-on design instruction. Audrey, motivational leader and fly-fishing expert, will host an afternoon of lessons. Rebekah Abrams of Rebekah's Kitchen will provide breakfast, a picnic lunch and and an evening feast, topped off with breakfast the next morning.

Lodging available! ADD a glamping tent furnished by Barebones Living, a shared 2 person cabin (guests have their own queen bed). It's free to bring your own tent and camp.





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